Morning Ride

I just went for a short ride on my mountain bike. It’s a beautiful morning, partly cloudy and not yet too warm with maybe around 18 to 20C. Still, I went out in shorts and short sleeves and it felt a bit chilly on the first metres – those of you who know me will understand…

But I can tell you one thing: I warmed up pretty quickly!!! The trail was beautiful although its technical challenges didn’t allow me to look around much. As I’m on a beginner level and still quite hesitant at times, I kept my eyes strictly on the trail. I also understand the reason for full suspension bikes! Maybe I’ll rent one for a day.

The single track takes you around the lake and goes up and down from time to time, winds through the forest and narrows to just the width of your hike with bushes to the left and right. With two short exceptions where you ride along a paved road (the second one took me past a guest house where the smell of freshly baked waffles reached my nose and I had to pedal hard against the urge to stop) it’s going through the forest and the track is mainly going across roots and stones, including uphill patches with loose sand. You really want to focus on the track!

Now, as I’ve completed the morning ride, I will catch my breath, dry off, and do something relaxing. No need to get into a rush. Maybe a second breakfast was earned? The sun is gradually trying to get the upper hand over the clouds (I hope) and it is going to be another wonderful day in Sweden! Stay tuned for more.

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