Sunshine in Sweden

I have arrived at my destination in southern Sweden (Jönköpings län) just shortly after noon.

It’s been a nice drive up from Malmö, where I arrived early this morning. My first stop was at the ICA Maxi supermarket to get some groceries. Duh!! Obviously I always enjoy to get couple of things not available at home. Then, with two short stops along the way, I drove up along the coast.

I checked in at the campsite and got settled in. Then I took my mountain bike for a very short ride, just to get a feeling of the surroundings. And not to put too much stress on my back and my knees. I will have to take things slowlier than planned. But that’s ok, I will have a pleasant short break here. Back in the camper I made myself a cup of tea and sat down a bit enjoying the afternoon with my book. The camper’s windows are open to let the breeze flow through and air out the heat.

It’s a bright, sunny, and warm day. I’m in Sweden! Life couldn’t be better right now! What a wonderful spot to spend the weekend.

Just a few snapshots for you to see… Love the area!! The site is quite large, but amenities include a bike washing station!

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