Hadrian’s Wall

Today’s stop, and the last one of my trip, is a cute campsite near Hadrian’s Wall.

The drive down to northern England was wonderful already. Even with the tips in clouds and patches of fog along the way the green hills of the Scottish Borders gave a charming farewell.

Arriving on the site I was in lucky to get the very last open space to park up for the night. After a short break I went out for a walk to and along Hadrian’s Wall. The scenery, again, was beautiful. Different, but I very much enjoyed my hike and every view, even in the mist and drizzle.

Just a couple of iPhone snapshots to give you an impression on my round.

Tomorrow, I will make the drive down to Hull, from where I’ll take the ferry to Rotterdam.

And with this night’s stop, I will have spent at least one night in all the four countries of the UK.

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