Another long trip and learning new things…

After another long drive from Harwich I arrived in Wales last night. Traffic was heavy at times and I got stuck in traffic jams twice. However, the drive through Wales along the A5 towards Caernarfon was spectacular. And giving me a chance to get familiar with the dimensions of my vehicle in narrow winding roads. The first 1000km are driven and it feels better and better.

I looked for a suitable spot to park for the night as the original spot was beautiful, but didn’t seem too appealing due to its uneven surface. So I stopped at the Panton Arms Pub, where I had dinner and was allowed to stay for the night on their car park.

The evening was wet and I listened to the raindrop falling in the roof while I cleared a few items out of the way a proceeded to make my bed. First night in the camper! After having been up in the early hours that morning, I didn’t stay up much longer.

The night was cold and gave me a chance to test the heating. Only 8C this morning, rather in the chilly side.

As I am typing my blog entry, I’m sitting on the ferry leaving Holyhead for Dublin. It’s a beautiful and sunny day. What a wonderful time to travel!

Things I learned yesterday:

The despite its size, the headroom in my camper is somewhat limited due to cupboards. If you bang your head too often, it gets more painful every time…

If a bridge has a narrow passage of 2.60m, the camper will fit through. And if it’s only with a few centimetres to spare on each side of the mirrors. Or maybe millimetres…

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