Arrived in Halifax

After the most horrible flight I have experienced since I started flying long haul (I may leave it for another post, for now I just want to move on, but let me say as much as that I won’t fly Condor again any time soon), I have finally arrived in Halifax. Fantastic!It’s surprisingly warm here. Almost 19C. I treated myself to a taxi ride down to my hotel which is in the city centre. 

After I checked into my hotel and freshened up quickly I went out to get the first impressions and before all, a nice dinner. Found the Irish Pub I remembered from my last visit. Now, I have had an excellent Irish Stew and while I’m waiting for desert, I thought I’d post these few very first snap shots (out of phone cam, no LR) for you to see. I’ll catch a breath of fresh air, but for tonight, I won’t get old. The hotel beds looked too comfortable and I’ve been up for about 18 hours give it take. 
As always, comment if you like. 
Due to technical issues with the App I have not been able to publish the photos. I’ll try to do that later!

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